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New News (2009): CONN "Virtual Herbarium" project receives National Science Foundation grant:

Completing a Virtual Herbarium at the University of Connecticut (DBI-0847111). Donald H. Les (Principal Investigator); Robert S. Capers (Co-Principal Investigator):

     The CONN herbarium recently has been awarded a major grant from the National Science Foundation, which will enable us to complete the databasing and imaging of all our vascular plant specimens.  Over the next three years (2009-2012), this project will  add approximately 110,000 new database records to the herbarium including data for about 30,000 currently unaccessioned specimens.  We also will produce high-resolution digital images for approximately 175,000 vascular plant specimens.  All data will be available through our on-line CONN herbarium database interface.  This project will involve training of graduate and undergraduate students and will help to develop greater ties to the botanical and educational communities of Connecticut and the northeastern United States.

     We are very excited about this grant and by the exciting future that it provides for the CONN collections.  For additional information, please contact:

     Bob Capers
(Plant Collections Manager)
Don Les (Director, CONN Herbarium)

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation
under Grant No. DBI-0847111
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