Other resources

On this page, are listed other web sites where students and teachers can find botanical exercises or resources useful in the study of plants.

Franklin, Wilfred. Investigating Effects of Invasive Species on Plant Community Structure. 2008. American Biology Teacher 70(8): 479– 482.
    “Can’t see the trees for the forest?” Franklin describes a series of activities she uses to introduce basic plant ecological sampling and use it to answer some questions about invasive species. She is lucky to have a small forest on campus nearby but the exercises could easily be adapted to an urban landscape. The effectiveness of the activities in combating “plant blindness” (see Schussler below)is indicated by students frequent spontaneous use of their cell phones to document their plant identifications.

Supermarket Botany teaches students about the differences between fruits and vegetables, the differences between roots, stems and leaves and the developmental sequence from flowers to fruits.


American Botanical Society sites:   

Ecological Society of America