The George Safford Torrey Herbarium (CONN)


The herbarium is the repository for collections central to the research projects led by Dr. Goffinet. His current interests include the phylogeny of the Orthotrichaceae, the Splachnaceae, to test systematic hypotheses based on analyses of DNA sequence data and resolve the evolution of various morphological, cytological and life history traits.

Material for these studies has in part been obtained through field collections in Patagonia, which have led Dr. Goffinet to broaden his collecting efforts to contribute toward our knowledge of the regional levels of diversity. Dr. Goffinet has also maintained a strong interest in lichenized fungi, in particular the Peltigerales. He is currently characterizing the haplotype diversity among North American populations of Dendriscocaulon.

The Bryophytes collections are in the process of being databased with approximately 1000 records currently in our database. If you cannot find certain specimens contact the Collections manager, Robert S. Capers. The database can be accessed here.

Collections Manager: Dr. Robert S. Capers
Director: Dr. Don Les