Browse or Search CONN type and standard specimens

The type collections of CONN can be searched by name or by browsing them A-Z by genus (see below). CONN users can enter part or all of the scientific, cultivar or common name.

TIPS FOR VIEWING IMAGES: We have not yet implemented sophisticated image-handling software, but here are a few tips if you are using the Firefox browser, which provides the greatest flexibility. To see a full-page version of the displayed image, right-click on image and select "view image." If you click on it with the magnifiying glass that appears, it will return to full size. Or, simply use the ctrl- key combination (control plus minus sign) to sequentially reduce an image to a smaller size. Conversely, you can re-enlarge the image using ctrl+ key combination (control plus the plus sign). Internet explorer also works using the ctrl- and crtl+ commands.

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