The Herbarium Library

The Herbarium Library is now located in room 112 across the hall from the main collections in a specially built facility. This library is a satellite library of the University of Connecticut Libraries. The library houses important taxonomic literature, monographs and journals and is frequently used by visitors, staff, students and faculty. Photocopies are free of charge and all herbarium users are welcome to use this facility. As CONN staff reference type specimens and research vouchers using references in the library, the library is slowly being databased. For now, a searchable list of volumes, including taxonomic literature, monographs, journals, and floras of many U.S. states and foreign countries, is available here.

We are always looking for donations of taxonomic botanical and horticultural literature to the library. We are particularly fortunate to have received a remarkable donation of bryological literature from Dr. Storrs L. Olson. An overview of this extensive gift to our library can be found by following this link. Other recent gifts include the Journal of Bryology (1898-2001) and Cryptogamie (1874-1998) from Dr. Lewis Anderson of Duke University and Taxon from Dr. Gregory Anderson.

Director: Dr. Don Les
Collections Manager: Dr. Sarah Taylor