Henry Andrews

Christopher Thomas Martine (1972 - )

Chris Martine began depositing plant specimens at CONN in 2001 while pursuing a doctorate with Greg Anderson. Many of his early CONN accessions are collections made while writing two field identification guides, Trees of New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic States (1998) and Shrubs and Vines of New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic States (2001). Among the hundreds of Martine collections at CONN are many invasive and cultivated plants, a wide range of Pine Barrens taxa, and specimens collected in northern Australia while doing fieldwork for his graduate research on sexual system evolution in Solanum. Voucher specimens for this research, including Solanum species from Australia and Africa, are deposited at CONN. While a graduate assistant at UConn, Chris helped move the herbarium into its present facility and spent many hours curating and databasing specimens.

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