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We are in the process of databasing our phycology collections. Over 2000 specimens have been entered to date. All specimens will eventually be imaged and made available on this site. Sample images are available for the genus Porphyra. The specimens were discovered in various parts of the Torrey Life Sciences Building during the move to the new combined collections facility. The majority of the collection dates from the latter part of the nineteenth century, starting around the mid 1870’s and is mostly from New England. Specimens range from those collected by eminent phycologists such as Frank Shipley Collins and Isaac Holden to other UConn collectors such as Andrew E. Wheeler, Joanna Page, George Safford Torrey and Frank Trainor. New collections are being added by students from the Biology of Algae course.

A small minority of specimens are from Australia, Bahamas, California, Florida and Puerto Rico. Also included are exsiccatae separates from Algae Boreali-Americanae and the Phycotheca Boreali-Americana. Collins, Holden, and Setchell. With an active phycology faculty CONN is interested in exchanging duplicates to add to our collections. Comments on the data and requests to loan the specimens or receive archived high resolution images are welcome. We anticipate completing this project by the end of the year. It is also intended to use this small dataset as a ‘guinea pig’ for further retrospective geo-referencing and mapping projects planned for the main herbarium. We are pleased to announce that since the launch of this dataset, there have been several requests to loan and use specimens for research. This is testament to the need for on-line collections, without which, collections are often overlooked and sometimes presumed to not even exist.


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Assistance with this project has been provided by and Dr. Michael Guiry (National University of Ireland),

Dr. Donald Les (EEB), Dr. Louise Lewis (EEB), Dr. Craig Schneider (Trinity College, Hartford) and Dr. Frank Trainor (EEB).